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Understanding Tadalafil Interactions

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Tadalafil is a medicine used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in men or assigned males at birth (AMAB).

Tadalafil is also used for treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

It is an oral medicine sold under the brand name Cialis and Adcirca.

Tadalafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor. It helps increase blood flow to the penis to get and maintain an erection.

Tadalafil only helps get an erection when the person taking it is sexually aroused. 

It is essential to know all the possible interactions of Tadalafil with drugs and food before consuming.

Let us dive deep into and understand the Tadalafil interactions with different items in this article.

Tadalafil interactions with meds and alcohol

tadlafil interactionsSource: Getty_images
Interaction of meds and alcohol

Tadalafil can interact with drugs, alcohol, and supplements, which can affect the efficacy of the medicine.

Let us understand how Tadalafil interacts with various medications and if it is safe to combine them.

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Tadalafil interactions with Nitrate

It is recommended to not use Tadalafil with Nitrate. Doctors do not prescribe Tadalafil with Nitrates. 

FDA has also stated not to use Nitrates with Tadalafil or Cialis. Nitrates are used for treating chest pain and both medicines can lower blood pressure.

Taking Tadalafil and Nitrate together can further lower the person’s blood pressure. It may worsen the side effects of Tadalafil.

Nitrates should not be taken with Tadalafil or within 48 hours of consuming Tadalafil.

Tadalafil interactions with alcohol

Taking Tadalafil with alcohol is not recommended.

Drinking alcohol while consuming Tadalafil can cause low blood pressure and can increase the heart rate. You may experience side effects such as dizziness and fainting. 

If you still wish to consume alcohol, you should drink moderately or consult a doctor regarding potential risks.

Tadalafil interactions with other ED meds

Tadalafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor. It is not suggested to take Tadalafil with other PDE-5 inhibitors medicines like Viagra (or Sildenafil).

Taking more than one ED medication can increase the risk of low blood pressure. It may also cause some side effects, such as dizziness and headaches.

Be sure to inform your doctor of all medications you are taking before taking Tadalafil.

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Tadalafil interactions with medication

It is not advised to consume Tadalafil with other medicines such as Alpha blockers, certain HIV medicine, and antibiotics.

Consuming these medicines with Tadalafil can cause blood pressure to drop in bodies. 

It can cause dizziness, loss of vision, and fainting. 

According to Mayo Clinic, the following medicines can interact with Tadalafil.

  • Amyl Nitrite
  • Boceprevir
  • Erythrityl Tetranitrate
  • Isosorbide Dinitrate
  • Isosorbide Mononitrate
  • Nitroglycerin

Always consult your doctor before taking Tadalafil if you are consuming these medicines. Your doctor will prescribe another medication that can help your ED.

Tadalafil interactions with grapefruit

Like Sildenafil, Tadalafil can also interact with grapefruit. It is generally not advised to take grapefruit or grapefruit juice with Tadalafil. 

Grapefruit can increase the levels of Tadalafil in the blood. They can increase the risk of side effects such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

You should consult your doctor if you are taking any medication or drink that can interact with Tadalafil and can affect its efficacy.

Contact your doctor or 911 immediately if you experience severe side effects from Tadalafil.

Potential effects of Tadalafil interactions

effects of pill interactionSource: Ryanking999
Unhappy man

According to a study, Tadalafil is safe and effective in treating Erectile Dysfunction.

However, you can experience some side effects of Tadalafil when it interacts with meds, alcohol, and Nitrates.

  • Low blood pressure
  • Hearing loss or ringing in the ears
  • Vision change
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle pain and back pain
To avoid potential interactions and reduce side effects, talk with a doctor before taking Tadalafil.

Key points to remember

Tadalafil or Cialis is used for treating ED in men or AMAB.

Tadalafil can interact with Nitrate and meds, and alcohol which can lower the person’s blood pressure.

The interaction can also increase the chances of side effects.

It is advised not to take two PDE-5 inhibitor meds together. 

The grapefruit can affect the efficacy of the drug, Tadalafil.

Headache, back pain, and muscle aches are some common side effects of Tadalafil.

Always consult a doctor to prevent the risk from Tadalafil interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What medications to avoid while taking Cialis?

You should avoid taking Nitrates,  HIV medicines, and antibiotics with Tadalafil. It can affect the working of Tadalafil and can increase its side effects.

Can you drink alcohol with Tadalafil?

Excessive alcohol while taking Tadalafil can increase the chance of side effects like low BP and dizziness.

How long does the effect of Tadalafil last?

Tadalafil is highly effective. It’s also known as “Weekend Pill” because a single dose of Tadalafil can last up to 36 hours, unlike Viagra, which lasts 4 to 6 hours.

What are some of the possible side effects of Tadalafil interactions?

The side effects of Tadalafil interactions can include low BP, dizziness, headache, and changes in vision or hearing.

Are there any medical conditions that can interact with Tadalafil?

Yes, medical conditions such as heart and liver conditions and high or low blood pressure can interact with Tadalafil. Talk to healthcare personnel for information regarding taking Tadalafil in health conditions.

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