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The Causes of Delayed Ejaculation: A Comprehensive Guide

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Delayed Ejaculation is a sexual disorder in which a man or Assigned Males at Birth (AMAB) needs stimulation for an extended period to ejaculate.

In some of these cases, individuals fail to ejaculate at all.

The condition of Delayed Ejaculation (DE) is quite common.

An individual can face the condition of DE occasionally, and the frequency increases with age.

The diagnosis of DE does not have a specific time limit. If a man or AMAB takes more than 30 to 45 minutes of stimulation to ejaculate, it can be considered a sign of Delayed Ejaculation.

There can be several causes behind DE, and the most significant causes include physical, psychological, and lifestyle factors.

In this article, let us dive into the causes and treatments of Delayed Ejaculation.

What causes Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed Ejaculation is a condition that can be a lifelong problem or obtained over the course of time due to several circumstances.

These circumstances can be psychological and physical, including side effects of medicines, neurodiseases, etc.

We will discuss these delayed ejaculation causes in detail below.

Psychological causes

Several psychological causes can lead to Delayed Ejaculation. 

The most well-known causes of DE are Depression, Anxiety, stress, and several other mental health conditions. 

According to a study, psychosocial stress can increase the prolactin hormone in your body. 

The excess prolactin levels in the body block ejaculation that may cause DE.

Sometimes performance anxiety can also lead to delays in ejaculation.

Other psychological problems include relationship issues, cultural taboos, and body image issues.

Body image issues indicate the negative feelings one might have towards their body. This can cause sexual anxiety, which results in Delayed Ejaculation.

Physical causes

While identifying the psychological causes of DE is easier; the physical issues can be hard to find.

An article by Mayoclinic states that birth defects that affect reproductive parts or an injury in the pelvic region nerve (responsible for orgasm) might cause difficulty during ejaculation.

Hormonal Disbalance is also known as one of the causes of Delayed Ejaculation and is often caused due to Fatigue and sleep disorders

Thus, a person with Hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone level) and abnormal Testosterone level is bound to face the condition of Delayed Ejaculation.

Some of the other causes of DE include Urinary Tract Infection, prostate surgery, and neurological disorders.

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  • Lifestyle factors that may affect your ejaculation

    Psychological and physical causes are not the only reasons behind Delayed Ejaculation. Your daily lifestyle also plays a significant role in it.

    Daily habits like masturbating excessively, intake of excessive alcohol and drugs, and insufficient sexual stimulation can also result in DE.

    This section will further discuss the lifestyle factors that cause DE.

    Excessive masturbation

    One of the causes of Delayed Ejaculation is excessive masturbation.

    When a person masturbates, the root of the penis receives the maximum amount of stimulation.

    As a result, the root of the penis becomes sensitive while the mid-shaft and tip remain unstimulated.

    The sensation in the mid-shaft and tip of the penis, thus, leaving little to no stimulation during penetrative sex.

    This absence of sensation in the mid-shaft and penis contributes to  Delayed Ejaculation significantly.

    An article states that watching excessive porn is directly related to the frequency of masturbation, and excessive masturbation leads to difficulty reaching orgasm.

    Substance abuse

    Alcohol addicted manSource: ElenaNichizhenova_from_Getty_Images
    Alcohol addicted man

    A journal by Sage Journals states that any sexual condition in a man or AMAB can result from substance abuse. 

    This substance abuse usually refers to the intake of excessive alcohol and drugs.

    Consumption of too much alcohol can confuse a person.

    It interferes with the transmission between one’s brain and genital, which reduces the ability to feel sexual stimulation.

    This interference creates difficulty in reaching an orgasm, causing DE. 

    The use of drugs that causes Delayed Ejaculation are a few selective antidepressants, certain diuretics, high blood pressure, and anti-seizure medicines.

    Antidepressants are known for affecting hormones like Testosterone and Dopamine. Both of these hormones are responsible for regulating the sex drive of an individual. 

    A study states that any disbalance in these hormones can cause delayed orgasms as a side effect. 

    Inadequate sexual stimulation

    According to a journal by TAU, some men can attain an erection despite not receiving adequate sexual stimulation.

    In these cases, an individual can take much time to ejaculate or reach an orgasm.

    Some of them fail to ejaculate at all after the start of the intercourse.

    Treatment options

    Several treatments for Delayed Ejaculation are available.

    These treatments include home remedies, therapy, medications, and surgery.

    Not all of these treatments work out for every person.

    Hence, you must always consult a doctor to diagnose the symptoms and provide a suitable treatment. 


    Psychotherapy can be a perfect solution for treating DE.

    It helps individuals with ejaculation delays due to psychological causes improve their symptoms. 

    It is always best to consult a sex therapist for guidance if you have ejaculation issues.  


    Adderall and erectile dysfunctionSource: DragonImages
    A man taking pill

    There are several options of Delayed Ejaculation pills available to treat the condition.

    These pills are known to be relatively fast in their effectiveness and work in both the primary and the later stages of DE.

    The medicines like Cabergoline, Bupropion, and Amantadine are used in treating DE.

    Cabergoline is used to treat high Prolactin hormone levels. It maintains the expected level of Prolactin which helps an individual to ejaculate faster.

    As mentioned above, one of the reasons behind DE is mental health problems. 

    Bupropion is an FDA-approved antidepressant medicine that can increase neurotransmission in individuals facing psychological issues. It will result in faster ejaculation.

    The effectiveness of the medication varies for each individual. 

    One must always consult a doctor to know more about Delayed Ejaculation pills before taking them.


    Pelvic floor exercises can assist you in gaining control over your pelvic muscles. An improved control will help you regulate your ejaculations better. 

    Running and practicing daily activities will help keep Testosterone levels up. Improved testosterone levels are beneficial in treating DE.

    Apart from exercises, there are several home remedies for Delayed Ejaculation.

    Keeping a healthy diet rich in zinc and fiber supplements reduces the symptoms of Delayed Ejaculation.


    Delayed Ejaculation is a sexual disorder that affects male ejaculation.

    In this sexual dysfunction, a man or AMAB takes more than 30 to 45 minutes to ejaculate. 

    There are several causes of DE, which can be classified as psychological causes, physical causes, and lifestyle factors.

    Anxiety, Depression, stress, cultural taboos, body image issues, and relationship problems are some of the psychological factors that are commonly faced by individuals.

    The physical causes are neurological disorders, damage to the pelvic floor nerve, fatigue,  and hormonal disbalance.

    Excessive masturbation and substance abuse have proved to be some lifestyle factors that result in delays during the ejaculation.

    You can also face the condition of DE on receiving inadequate stimulation during sex.

    Several treatment options are available for the condition of DE. They include home remedies, therapy, medications, and performing exercises.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can marijuana cause Delayed Ejaculation?

    Yes, smoking marijuana (cannabis) can cause Delayed Ejaculation. According to an article, people who use Marijuana quite frequently are known to face difficulties in reaching orgasm within their desired time. This happens due to a reduction in the sexual orientation of their body.

    How many minutes is too long for ejaculation?

    Under normal circumstances, it might take a person 5 to 7 minutes to ejaculate. It can be considered too long if an individual needs stimulation of more than 30 to 45 minutes to reach an orgasm.

    Can low Testosterone cause Delayed Ejaculation?

    Yes, low Testosterone levels can cause Delayed Ejaculation. A lower level of Testosterone is responsible for reducing the sex drive in a man and can cause depression. This can hinder them from ejaculating at the correct time.

    Is the condition of Delayed Ejaculation permanent or temporary?

    The condition of Delayed Ejaculation can be both permanent and temporary. It will depend on the cause of DE in the individual. The condition might be permanent if the causes are chronic diseases or birth defects. DE might be temporary in case of psychological problems.

    What medication causes Delayed Ejaculation?

    A few selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), high blood pressure medications, and certain diuretics cause Delayed Ejaculation.

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