6 Supplements for ED You Should Know

Erectile Dysfunction is a prevalent sexual dysfunction among men or assigned males at birth. 

Taking ED treatments such as oral ED pills is even more common. 

But some may consider other ways to reduce ED symptoms. They may consider taking supplements for ED- a natural way to treat ED symptoms.

Not enough evidence supports that vitamins or supplements can cure ED. Yet getting enough nutrients can improve your general health.

There might be a link between nutritional deficiency and ED. So, taking supplements might help with your erection problems.

This article will discuss supplements for ED and their alternatives.

ED supplements

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vitamin capsules

Vitamins B3, B9, and D are essential for male sexual health and may be the best supplements for ED. According to Medical News Today, Ginseng and Arginine may also be effective.

Some research suggests that these supplements may work effectively.

Vitamin D

A systematic review suggests there might be a relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and ED. 

Hypogonadism can lead to low sexual desire and erectile problems.

Research supports that people with Hypogonadism have low levels of Vitamin D, which rose after treatment.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 or Niacin could help improve erectile function. Research results conclude that Niacin alone could aid in improving erectile function.

Vitamin B3-rich foods may include beef liver, turkey, lentils, brown rice, sunflower seeds,salmon and tuna.

Vitamin B9

B9 or Folate may play a role in Erectile Dysfunction. Several participants with erectile problems in a 2014 study had Folate deficiency.

A 2020 study shows that supplementation with folic acid may lead to improvement in the severity of ED. Folic acid is the synthetic form of Folate.

Vitamin C

Testosterone and blood flow are crucial for erectile function. A review suggests that Vitamin C may increase both and help treat ED.

Whereas another review shows that Vitamin C did not affect male sexual dysfunction. Further research is necessary for the matter to give a clear verdict.

Red ginseng

Red ginseng is commonly called herbal Viagra due to its ability to help with erection problems. It can help relax the smooth muscle in the penis, which may help support an erection. 

Authors of a 2021 study concluded that ginseng might have little effect on ED compared with a placebo. But we may need more research to give a clear verdict.


L-arginine is an amino acid that occurs naturally. It can help increase nitric acid production, which aids in having an erection.The authors of a 2019 review concluded that arginine might effectively treat mild to moderate ED.

Hypogonadism is when the body does not produce enough sex hormones.

Alternative to supplements for ED

Alternative to supplements for EDSource: Pexels
Alternative medicine

Research on ED supplements is promising, But we need more information to use them as stand-alone treatments for ED.

They may be one of the natural ways to reduce erection problems. Yet some people may prefer other treatments over some of the best supplements for ED. 

Oral ED pills may be a good alternative even for the best ED supplements. FDA-approved oral medicines for ED include Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil Avanafil.

Doctors usually prescribe these tablets as the first line of treatment along with lifestyle changes.

In conclusion

Many people consider taking ED supplements for their erection problems.

Vitamins B3, B9 and D may be the best supplements for ED recovery as these vitamins are essential for erectile function.

There is promising research on using Red ginseng and Arginine as ED supplements. Also, you can avoid some foods to prevent ED.

Yet the research is still in its initial stages. This means we need further research on the use of supplements for ED.

Consider taking oral ED pills if you are unsure about using ED supplements. They are FDA-approved medicines with a history of effectiveness.

Consult your doctor if you are considering taking ED supplements or medicines.

Consult your doctor before taking ED pills if you are taking nitrates as medicines or have blood pressure problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which supplement is best for Erectile Dysfunction?

Some of the best male supplements for ED may be Red ginseng and L-arginine. Research suggests that they may be effective for ED treatment.
Vitamins B3, B9 and D are essential for erectile function. Use of these vitamins as ED supplements may help against erection problems.

What is the fastest way to cure Erectile Dysfunction?

FDA-approved ED medicines such as Viagra and Cialis can help you achieve quick results. Among the several ED medication available, pills containing Tadalafil may give faster results.
Tadalafil pills such as Vidalista and Cialis can show effects within 15 minutes of consumption. But the results of the tablets may vary due to differences in physical and psychological factors.

Why do I keep losing my erection?

You may face problems having or sustaining an erection if you have ED. Physical factors like heart or liver issues and psychological factors like stress may cause ED.
But there is no need to worry if you face erection problems occasionally.

Can masturbation cause ED?

According to WebMD, masturbation cannot cause Erectile Dysfunction. It is a common myth that masturbation can affect your erectile function.

Can lack of sperm cause ED?

Erectile Dysfunction does not affect your sperm count or cause low sperm count. But some health conditions which may lead to low sperm count can also cause ED.

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