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How Long Does Temporary Erectile Dysfunction Last In Men?

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a sexual disorder in men or Assigned Males at Birth (AMAB).

Depending on the cause of Erectile Dysfunction, it may be temporary or permanent.

You might have wondered how long does temporary Erectile Dysfunction last.

In this article, let’s learn about the duration for which ED exists in detail. 

We will also discuss the possible treatments and diagnosis of temporary ED.

Can Erectile Dysfunction be temporary

Yes. According to a study by, Erectile Dysfunction might be temporary. 

The intensity of ED depends on the underlying cause of the condition. 

The most common factors of temporary ED include:

  • Physical injury
  • Psychological factors
  • A poor lifestyle

Temporary ED occurs primarily because of a psychological reason or a sedentary lifestyle.

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  • How long does temporary Erectile Dysfunction last

    According to Medicine Net, temporary ED may last from several months to years.

    The exact duration of one’s symptoms depends on the condition’s cause. 

    Erection troubles should last for at least six months to consider it temporary ED.  

    If left untreated, temporary ED progresses and might become permanent.

    Causes of temporary Erectile Dysfunction

    Causes of EDSource: Getty_Images
    Causes of ED

    There are various primary causes of temporary ED.

    They include a sedentary lifestyle, an underlying illness, and psychological factors.

    In some cases, medicine side effects and excessive use of porn may also induce ED symptoms.

    Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

    Sedentary lifestyle

    Lack of physical activity can be a primary cause of temporary ED. 

    Low or no physical activity affects the way how cardiovascular system works. 

    This can impact blood circulation, which is important to get and maintain a firm erection. 

    Limited or no blood supply to the penis makes it challenging for men to get an erection.

    A sedentary lifestyle has limited or no physical activity and poor eating habits.

    Underlying medical conditions

    According to the NIDDK, an existing illness might trigger ED symptoms.

    Patients with cardiovascular illnesses are the most affected by this cause.

    Some illnesses which are a major threat to your erections include:

    Always disclose your medical history to your doctor.

    It will also help you minimize the risk of drug interaction when taking Viagra for managing ED.  

    Psychological factors

    Stress and Anxiety might be significant causes of temporary ED. 

    Some men might have performance anxiety during sexual intercourse.

    These individuals are too concerned about their performance in bed.

    They might be anxious about satisfying their partner sexually.

    Such negative thoughts hinder their concentration, leading to difficulties in getting an erection. This might also result in losing an erection too quickly.

    Too much work pressure or poor relationships might be other psychological factors.

    Medication side effects

    You may experience ED symptoms due to some drugs that are known to cause ED.

    These medicines typically include:

    • Antiandrogens
    • Antidepressants
    • High blood pressure medicines
    • Sedatives 
    • Ulcer medicines

    Such medicines reduce the flow of blood in the body.

    It restricts the blood from reaching the penile blood vessels. 

    This action makes it challenging for you to get or maintain an erection.

    Do not take medicines on your own to minimize the risk of side effects.
    Always consult a doctor before starting or quitting a medication.

    Porn-induced ED

    Easy access to the internet has spread the use of online porn. 

    Many individuals occasionally watch porn for pleasure.

    According to Behav Sci, watching porn frequently causes sexual dysfunction like ED, delayed ejaculation, etc.

    This is because it can weaken your sexual senses. When someone watches porn, they start to perceive it as reality. 

    It changes their satisfaction needs, making it harder to get aroused.

    These men or AMABs are more likely to develop ED with time.

    Diagnosing Temporary ED

    Diagnosing Temporary EDSource: 89Stocker
    Consult a doctor

    It might be a sign of temporary ED if you experience frequent challenges with getting erect. 

    Temporary ED is quite different in causes and symptoms.

    It’s always best to discuss your condition with your doctor. 

    Discuss your medical history and the medicines you currently take. 

    Also, disclose any substance abuses and other psychological factors you may have.

    A physical injury or drug interaction can cause temporary ED.

    If you are experiencing regular morning wood but struggling to get an erection during sexual activity, this could potentially indicate the presence of Psychological ED

    Early diagnosis of temporary ED helps keep it from getting worse and helps treat it better.

    How to treat temporary ED

    Most of the time, a poor lifestyle is a significant cause of temporary ED. 

    Making changes to your lifestyle could be a good decision. 

    Adopting healthy daily practices can help in improving your condition. 

    Psychological causes like anxiety and stress also contribute to temporary ED.

    Calming yourself and avoiding stress will ease the symptoms.

    If it concerns you too much, shifting your focus from sexual intercourse will help. 

    Instead, try spending time with your partner and talking to them.

    Taking small but essential steps can bring visible differences to your condition.

    The doctors may sometimes prescribe using ED pills like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra to manage temporary ED.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can stress cause temporary Erectile Dysfunction?

    Yes. Stress is among the most common psychological causes of Erectile Dysfunction.

    Too much stress can make sexual arousal difficult, leading to ED symptoms.

    How long does Erectile Dysfunction last?

    The duration of Erectile Dysfunction varies depending on its underlying cause. 

    Temporary ED may last for several months to a few years. 

    When caused by chronic illness, ED can be permanent. 

    Long-term ED might stretch for years and can be life-long.

    Is Viagra safe for treating Erectile Dysfunction in men?

    Yes. Viagra is among the first FDA-approved medicines for treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 

    ED is a common sexual disorder in men or assigned males at birth (AMAB).

    When used with caution, Viagra is less likely to have major side effects.

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