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Tadalafil Price Guide: How to Buy it Efficiently

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Tadalafil is prescribed for treating Erectile Dysfunction and Benign Prostate Enlargement.

It is an active ingredient in Cialis, an FDA-approved medicine for impotence.

Tadalafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor that helps increase the blood flow to the penis and helps to get an erection. 

The cost of Tadalafil medication is expensive and can be a barrier for some individuals. So how can one buy Tadalafil economically

The following article will provide information about various dosages and their prices. It will give you a brief comparison between the prices and how you can save on Tadalafil prices.

What are the different Tadalafil price

tadlafil priceSource: Getty_images
tadlafil prices

Tadalafil is available in dosages of 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg, and each dosage varies in price.

The price of Tadalafil varies on factors such as treatment plan, dosage strength, and the quantity purchased. 

Let us look at the brief comparison between the branded and Generic Tadalafil prices.

Cialis vs. Generic Tadalafil price comparison

Cialis is a brand name of a medication for treating ED.

Generic Tadalafil is the same as Cialis, both having the same key ingredient, Tadalafil. 

Generic medicines must have the same active ingredient as branded medicines to follow FDA regulations.

The table below will help in understanding and comparing the prices between Cialis and Generic Tadalafil.

DosageCialis Price (per unit)Generic Medicine Price  (per unit)
10 mg$23$0.7
20 mg$28$0.8

It is essential to note that these med prices may vary. 

There are various other brands of generic Tadalafil available in the market. The prices of generic Tadalafil are lower than Cialis.

How to save on Tadalafil price

Some people may have difficulty affording Tadalafil because of its high price.

There are several ways to save on the Tadalafil price without compromising its quality or Effectiveness.

Buying generic medicine instead of Cialis

Cialis used to be the only medication with Tadalafil for treating Erectile Dysfunction.

There are now several generic medicines available at reasonable prices. Generic Tadalafil is the easiest and most effective way to reduce long-term costs.

Getting a 3-month supply of medicine

supply of medicineSource: Getty_images_signature
Medicine distributer

Buying larger quantities of Tadalafil will result in a lower price per unit. It can also reduce the number of pharmacy visits. 

Consider talking to your insurance company or doctor regarding help related to bulk orders.

Consult your health insurance provider

Several insurance plans may cover the cost of medicines like Tadalafil. Contact your insurance company to check if they cover Tadalafil in your insurance plan. 

Several organizations have medicine support programs. Joining such programs can help you with saving some bucks while buying Tadalafil.

Buying online

Always check Tadalafil’s price online. Various online pharmacies can offer lower prices than traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Tadalafil is a prescription-based medicine and cannot be bought over the counter

Do not buy from the pharmacies that do not ask you for your prescription. Always look out if the pharmacy is licensed and is selling genuine FDA-approved meds.

FDA has warned about being aware of such scam pharmacies online trying to sell natural alternatives of ED meds. 

You can safely buy your Tadalafil and other ED meds from genuine online pharmacies like

Key points

Tadalafil or Cialis is a med approved for treating impotence and is available in various dosages. 

The cost of Tadalafil depends on various factors and can be quite expensive for some individuals. 

There are multiple ways by which you can save on Tadalafil price.

Buy a generic version instead of the branded Tadalafil. 

Consulting a health insurance provider. 

Choosing online pharmacies instead of brick-and-mortar pharmacies can help you save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of Tadalafil 10mg?

The cost of Tadalafil 10 mg can be between $0.7 to $23 per unit. The Tadalafil price depends on the pharmacy selling it and the manufacturer of its medicine.

Is generic Tadalafil as good as Cialis?

Generic Tadalafil is as effective as Cialis in treating ED. The only difference between them is the brand name.

Can I take Tadalafil without a prescription?

No, you cannot take Tadalafil or Cialis without a prescription. It is not an over-the-counter medicine. Always consult a doctor before buying Tadalafil.

Is there any patient assistance program or other resources available to help reduce the cost of Tadalafil?

Yes, there are some patient assistance programs that may help reduce the cost of Tadalafil. You may get more information from your doctor or pharmacist.

Which brand is good for Tadalafil?

There are several genuine brands of Tadalafil. Cialis manufactured by Eli Lilly, Vidalista by Centurion Laboratories, and Tadarise by Sunrise remedies are some examples of genuine brands.

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