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US Brand Name Cipro
Strength 500mg
Generic Name

Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride

Manufacture Paras Pharmaceuticals, India

About the brand
Ceprox 500 is brand of Paras Pharmaceuticals based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Paras Pharmaceuticals have a wide range of products and has made its presence in the pharmaceutical industry in India

About the drug
Ceprox 500 consists of Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride, which is mainly a fluoroquinolone based antibiotic. It is a drug used in for bacterial infections.

Manufacturer of the drug
Ceprox 500 is manufactured by Paras Pharmaceuticals in India. 

Strength of the drug
Ceprox 500 is available in strength of 500 mg of Ciprofloxacin.

Us equivalent brand
Cipro is the US brand equivalent to Ceprox 500 available in US markets.

Uses of the drug
It is a higher level of antibiotic and mainly useful for only bacterial infections.

How it works
Ceprox 500 works by inhibiting the DNA gyrase and topoisomerase type II necessary for cell division. Thus, it inhibits the cell division of bacterial cells, inhibiting their growth and spread of infection in the body of the patient

How to take drug?
Take the drug with a glass of water with or without food.

Dosage needed
Required regimen for Ceprox 500 is 500 mg to 1000mg. The general initiating dose is 500 mg but one must consult the doctor before starting a prescription.

How long should drug to be continued?
Ceprox 500 is broad spectrum antibiotic hence it should be continued till your doctor has advised you. Never take the drug beyond the prescribed limit.

What if you miss the dosage?
Every effort should be made not to skip the dose. If you have missed the dose, take it immediately as soon as you remember you have missed the dose. Never overdose yourself with Ceprox 500 as it has serious side effects associated with its use.

Drug interaction with other
More than 700 drug interactions have been reported with Ciprofloxacin. It is known to interact with, Aspirin, Paracetamol, fluticasone, salmeterol, cisapride etc.

When not to take the drug
Do not take the drug if you have allergic reactions with the use of antibiotics. If you are on other antibiotic treatment. Inform your doctor before initiating as well as stopping the drug

Side effects of intake
Commonly reported side effects with use of Ceprox 500 are diarrhea, nausea, stomach upset, white patches or sore in mouth

Over dose effects
Over dose happens when you take the drug more than the prescribed regimen. Seek immediate emergency help if you see some serious side effects like allergic reactions, breathing problems, confusion, nightmares, and hallucinations.

General info and precautions
Ceprox 500 is broad spectrum antibiotic useful for only bacterial infections, hence do not take the drug for flu or other viral infections.
Seek doctor’s advice before initiation of the dosage of the drug and stopping it

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