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Cernos Gel 1% w/w is testosterone gel used to improve testosterone level and to regulate sex drive (libido) in men. Buy now from our online medicine shop
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International Brand Name AndroGel
Strength 1%w/w
Generic Name Testosterone Gel 
Manufacture Sun Pharma Laboratories, India


About the brand Cernos Gel 1%w/w (Testosterone)


Sun Pharma Laboratories, India manufactures Cernos gel by and contains testosterone as its primary medical ingredient.


About the drug Cernos Gel 1%w/w (Testosterone)


Cernos gel contains testosterone which comes under the class androgens medicines. Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone which is essential for the body for complete development of sex organs. It is also required for proper puberty and growth in secondary sex organs. Cernos gel is good for patients who lack testosterone in the body. When the testosterone levels in the body are low, supplements are needed to fulfil the requirement.


Cernos gel acts as a supplement for depleting levels of testosterone. Although testosterone is a male sex hormone, it is also required in females for the proper development of their sexual organs. Females need less amount of testosterone than males.


Manufacturer of Cernos Gel 1%w/w (Testosterone)


Sun pharmaceuticals a pharmaceutical company in India which Cernos gel. It is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company with a headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It manufactures and sells pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical.






The company was started by Mr Dilip Shanghvi in the year 1983 with five psychiatry products along with two marketing teams. The company also successfully managed to set up a compact manufacturing facility for drugs at Vapi, Gujrat.


Strength and Dosage of Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone)


Cernos gel is available in the strength of 5 mg having 1% weight by weight testosterone.


International brands equivalent to Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone)


There are some International brands that are equivalent to Cernos gel, such as:-


1. Andro gel


2. Axiron



3. Depo-testosterone



4. Androderm


Uses of Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone)


Cernos gel is a testosterone supplement, therefore it is primarily used to overcome the deficiencies of testosterone in the body. Additionally, it also helps in some other medical conditions, such as:-

  • Breast cancer
  • Delayed puberty in males
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Hypogonadism
  • Klinefelter Syndrome
  • Postpartum breast pain


How Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone) works?


Cernos gel works by overcoming the decline in the levels of sex hormones. It restores the depleting level of testosterone in the body and leads to the proper development of sex hormones.


How to Apply Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone)?



Cernos Gel 1%w/w comes with a medication guide, do go through it. If you still have any doubt, consult your doctor regarding this. Always wash your hands before and after using the gel. Make sure you clean the gel to a clean, dry, intact skin of the shoulders, upper arms, abdomen(stomach), or other parts of the body until and unless your doctor tells you to use it. 


Always ask the doctor about the areas where you should apply the gel, do not use it anywhere on the body without consulting the doctor. The Cernos Gel 1%w/w should be applied only on the clean, dry intact skin of the shoulders and the upper arms.


Make sure that you do not apply the gel to your abdomen, stomach, scrotum, or penis. Keep in mind that this gel should not be applied to the cut, scrape, or other types of injury. After using the gel, let it dry on the skin before you cover it with the clothes. It is recommended to wait for at least 2-4 hours after applying the gel and before taking a bath.


The gel, when applied, can be transferred to another person in case the person gets in touch or rubs against the skin where the gel is applied. The medicine can also be transferred to another person through the hands you must have used to apply the gel. Hence, it is recommended to wash your hands before and after using the medicine.


Cernos Gel 1%w/w is flammable until it gets dry on the skin. Hence, do not apply the gel near the heat, open flame, or while smoking.




Dosage of Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone)


The dose of Cernos gel should be done as recommended by the doctor. However, generally, the dose is 50 mg once a day. Always complete the course and apply this gel until your doctor asks you to stop. Do not apply after that as it will be the overdose.


Drug interactions with Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone)


It is believed that there are approximately 133 drugs that are known to interact with Cernos gel or particularly testosterone. Some of the medications or drugs that are known to interact with Cernos gel, such as:-


  • Hypertension drugs
  • Drugs for heart ailment
  • Lipitor
  • Viagra


When not to take Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone)?


Some conditions are not suitable for using Cernos gel, such as:-


1. You are allergic to testosterone or any ingredient present in Cernos gel.


2. You are taking any medicine that is known to interact with Cernos gel.


Side effects of Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone)


Many times, usage of Cernos gel leads to the occurrence of some side effects that can range from person to person in the form of both frequency and severity. Some of the side effects of Cernos gel are as follows:-

  • Dizziness
  • Changes in sexual desires
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting


Overdose of Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone)


Overdose of Cernos gel is strictly prohibited. Ensure that you use only the recommended amount of gel. Overdose of this gel may result in the occurrence of many side effects that can be severe and some may include a sudden change in sexual desires and extreme headache.


General information regarding Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone)



1. Wash your hands properly before applying gel on the skin.


2. Do not let anyone touch you on the area where you have applied the gel.



3. Keep this gel out of reach of children.


4. Share your medical history with your doctor.


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