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US Brand Name AndroGel
Strength 1%w/w
Generic Name Testosterone Gel 
Manufacture Sun Pharma Laboratories,India

About the brand

Cernos gel is a brand of Sun Pharmaceuticals in India. The main constituent of the gel is testosterone. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra that manufactures and sells pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical

About the drug Cernos Gel

Cernos Gel is brand of Sun Pharmaceuticals having testosterone. It comes under the class of drug called Androgens. Testosterone is hormone required by body of a person for complete development of sex organs in males. It is required for proper puberty and growth secondary sex organs. If testosterone is low in the body, then supplements of the same drug should be taken by the person for proper development of the human body. Testosterone gel hence functions as supplement for depleting levels of male hormone testosterone. Even in females the hormone is secreted for proper development of sexual organs.

Manufacturer of Cernos gel

Cernos gel is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals in India which is he world’s fifth largest Indian multinational pharmaceutical company. You can buy this product at

Strength and Dosage of Cernos gel

Cernos gel is available in Strength of 5 gm having 1 % weight by weight testosterone.

US Brands equivalent to Cernos gel

Andro gel, Axiron, Depo-testosterone, Androderm are brands having testosterone gel available in US market.


It’s a testosterone supplement & mainly used to overcome the deficiency of testosterone in the body. Hence, it is used for, breast cancer (Palliative), delayed puberty (Male), gender dysphoria, hypogonadism (Male), Klinefelter syndrome, post, partum breast pain etc.

How Cernos gel works?

Cernos gel is basically applied on skin of the person. It is mainly applied on shoulders, upper arm or abdomen. It works by restoring the depleting levels of testosterone in the body. Thus, lwhich leads to proper development of sex organs. It works by overcoming the decline in the level of sex hormones

How to take Cernos Gel ?

Cernos gel is topical cream to be applied over skin. Generally, it is applied on shoulders, upper arm and abdomen area.


Dose of Cernos gel is dependent upon your doctor’s advice. However, generally the dose is 50 mg once in day.

How long Cernos gel is continued?

Do as directed by your doctor. It’s a prescription medicine hence you should continue as directed by your physician.

Dose missed

Apply the ointment as soon as you remember it. Consult your doctor for proper guidance when you have generally missed the dose.

Drug interaction with Testosterone gel

Total of 133 drug interactions with testosterone gel is known. The gel interacts with hypertension drugs or drug for heart ailments, other interactions noted include with Lipitor, Viagra etc.

When NOT to take Cernos Gel ?

Cernos gel should not be taken, if you are allergic to any ingredients in Cernos Gel. If you are on other medications which interact with Cernos Gel.

Side effects or Adverse effects of Cernos Gel

Side effects due to testosterone gel use include feeling of nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness as well as changes in sexual desire.

Overdose side effects of using Cernos Gel

Overdose side effects range from redness, itching, and burning of the area where gel is applied to the skin.
Other overdose side effects include headache, dizziness, changes in your sex drive etc.

General information regarding Cernos Gel

Do as directed by your physician. Wash hands with soap before applying the gel on your skin. Do not let anyone touch you over the applied skin space, as it may result into side effects of a person who touches your skin applied with testosterone gel.

Where can I buy this product?

This product, along with many others can be purchased from our online pharmacy-

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