Data Secured with AWS


AWS enables us to create a smart experience for our customers by customizing shopping experiences according to their choices and needs through the data stored in the cloud. We aim to be one of the most customer-centric online pharmacies by integrating Amazon Web Services for personalised shopping experience. 


Standing to our promise of safe and smart customer experience

We understand the responsibility that comes with the commitment to delivering a world-class healthcare service. While making the pharmaceutical purchases from an online pharmacy, responsible storage and safety of customer’s specifics is a non-negotiable necessity. And therefore, we bring the safest cloud service on our ecommerce platform to store buyer’s data, saving them the hassle through state-of-art infrastructure.  


Amazon Web Service- To help you make the most out of your shopping experience

Amazon web services (AWS) is the number one choice in cloud computing providers for businesses worldwide with user companies across 190 countries.


Leading companies of the world like Netflix, Adobe, Airbnb, BMW, Disney, Hitachi, Canon, Philips, BBC, and many more have integrated AWS with their day-to-day operations to ensure a world-class cloud computing solution for their customers. 


AWS is also trusted by organizations like the UK Ministry of Justice, US Department Of State, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research and others with data storage and customer service. 


Cheap Medicine Shop brings you the technology trusted by the world-leaders, curating the best online pharmacy experience.