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It is especially useful for bacterial infections as compared to viral infections. Buy Moxmod 500 Mg from our low priced online drug store in usa.
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 Medley Pharmaceuticals Limited

About the brand

MoxMod 500 is brand of Mod’s dispensary.

About the drug

Amoxicillin are class of drugs which are called penicillin like antibiotics. MoxMod 500 is used for various kinds of bacterial infections, such as those of throat, urinary tract, pneumonia, bronchitis etc. It is not useful for viral infections such as cold and flu.

Manufacturer of the drug

Medley Pharmaceuticals Limited is the manufacturer of drug MoxMod 500 in India. 

Strength of the drug

The drug is available in strength of 500 mg.

USA equivalent brand

There are many USA brands equivalent to amoxicillin available in US markets. These are, Amoxil, Loratid and Moxatag.

Uses of the drug

The drug is used for various kinds of bacterial infections such as gonorrhea, bronchitis, pneumonia, lung infections, urinary tract infections, ear infections etc. It is especially useful for bacterial infections as compared to viral infections.

How it works?

MoxMod works by inhibiting bacterial cell wall synthesis. It belongs to class of drugs called Beta lactam antibiotics. By inhibiting the cell wall synthesis it makes cell growth diminished and helps in killing the bacterial cells allowing the drug to block the growth and further spread of bacterial cells

How to take drug?

MoxMod 500 should be taken only and strictly as directed by the doctor. It is taken twice or thrice daily depending upon the severity of bacterial infection. Take it with a glass of water with or without food.

Dosage needed

The prescribed dose is twice or thrice daily. Hence dosage remains in bracket of 1000 mg to 1500 mg daily. Follow your physician guidelines and prescription strictly. The dose of MoxMod 500 depends upon the condition and seriousness of infection you have. Hence, it is essential to follow doctor’s guidelines and prescription for the dosage.

How long should drug to be continued?

The drug shall be continued as long as prescribed by your doctor. It shall not be under dosed or overdosed. Do not take the drug without knowledge of your doctor.

What if you miss the dosage?

Take the drug as soon as you remember you have missed the dose. However, overdose in a day should be avoided. If the dosage is missed more than once, consult your doctor for advice and another prescription, if needed.

Drug interaction with other

Total of 50 plus drug interactions have been reported with use of amoxicillin. Common interactions reported with use of amoxicillin are, Zolpidem, fish oil, Lasix, Benadryl, Augmentin, Aspirin, Tylenol etc.

When not to take the drug

Do not take the drug if you have allergic reactions to any of the constituents of MoxMod 500. Take precautions if you are pregnant or going to be pregnant. Consult your doctor for a proper prescription and advice on the dosage intake.

Side effects of intake

Common side effects reported with use of MoxMod 500 include diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting, and body rashes.

Over dose effects

Fainting can be one of the serious side effects of getting overdosed. Take immediate emergency help if you have overdosed. Do not take the medication by urself without consulting your doctor.

General info and precautions

  • If you are on other medicines prescription always informs your doctor. 
  • It is purely a prescription medicine hence do not take it without doctor’s prescription.
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