SSL Certified


There is nothing more important than our customer’s trust for us. We make sure to leverage every world-class technology to ensure that our customer’s data, especially the payment details shared during the check-out process, remains secure. Our online pharmacy is partnered with AWS Certificate Manager to provide a safe transaction process with the world's most advanced and best SSL technology. All your payment details are fully encrypted on our server, making it next to impossible to steal card details or intervene at the payment gateway. Our payment gateway is VISA-verified, and we strictly follow all the instructions provided by payment card security.


Please be informed that none of the information you enter during the payment process is stored in our database. Our team cannot access or collect any information from the customers without any valid reason. You can rely on our payment gateway, and we assure you we will maintain the security of your identity information and card details. 


However, we may have to do so in case of any legal mishap. 


World’s Best Encryption Technology To Safeguard Your Sensitive Details

All your sensitive details like your card details, login credentials, social security number and others are protected under a robust shell of SSL encryption technology. 


Other digital platforms send across your sensitive details in plain text form, leaving the information vulnerable to cyber threat. However, with the help of the world's best SSL technology, we process your sensitive details in a highly encrypted form making it impossible to break into the information.