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Tazret Gel 0.05% 15 gm

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Top priority medicine for the treatment of Psoriasis and Acne. Buy this amazing product now from our online pharmacy in usa with quick delivery.
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USA Brand Name



 15gm 0.05%

Generic Name





Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene)

What Is The Generic Name Of Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm:

Tazarotene is the generic version of Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 gm

USA Brands Equivalent To Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

  • Tazorac gel

About Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w contains an active ingredient, Tazarotene, the drug which is used in the treatment of Psoriasis and Acne and you may purchase it from any of the leading online pharmacy stores, medical supply stores, and drugstores only on doctor’s prescription.

Manufacturer Of Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):  

Glenmark is the top leading Pharmaceutical Company which manufactures Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 gm.

Strength Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

Tazret gel 0.05% w/w 15 gm contains an active ingredient, Tazarotene weighing 0.05% w/w in a 15 gm tube. This Tazret gel may be available in various strengths and substitutes at any of the leading drugstores, online pharmacy stores, or medical supply stores.

Dosage Form:

  • Gel  

Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene) Is Used For The Treatment Of:

It is used in the treatment of:

  • Psoriasis
  • Acne

How Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene) Works:

Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 gm contains an active ingredient; Tazarotene which basically slows down the production of specific natural substances/proteins that can cause Acne and Psoriasis.

Before You Use Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

You should be sure that:

  • You are not allergic or sensitive to it
  • It is not affecting the mother and the baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • It is not interacting with the medicines or topical products you are already using

When Not To Use Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

You should avoid using the Gel if you:

  • Are Allergic to it
  • Have other skin diseases or infections
  • Are pregnant/ Breastfeeding and it is affecting your condition
  • If your skin is accidentally injured, have deep cuts, open wounds, and severe scrapes.

Tell Your Doctor If You:

  • Are allergic to Tazarotene
  • Are Pregnant or trying to conceive or breastfeeding
  • Have Skin Injuries like Bruises, deep cuts, Chopped and Dry Skin, and have Open Wounds
  • Have other skin problems or Infections
  • Are taking any other medicines for any other Disease or Disorder


Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 gm (Tazarotene) is available in various strengths at every leading online drugstore, pharmacy stores, and medical supply store. Always consult your doctor for right dose and right timings to use this gel for the conditions as every individual is having varying intensity of disease conditions and according to that, you may receive the different course of this medicine from others.

Take precautions and be careful while using this gel in children. You may avoid it during pregnancy/ Breastfeeding or until it is necessary to use.

How Much Of Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene) Should Be Applied:

Take adequate amount of Gel on your fingers and apply the Gel gently to the affected area once in a day or as suggested by your doctor.

How To Apply Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

  • Remember to wash your hands and clean the affected area properly prior to the Gel application.
  • Take a small quantity of Gel on your fingers and apply it by rubbing gently over the affected area (avoiding sensitive areas like near eyes, mouth, nose, and inner ear).
  • Wash/clean your hands thoroughly after applying unless your hands are the affected area.

For How Long Should You Continue Applying Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

You have to use this Gel for as long as indicated by your doctor. Moreover, its effects can be seen a few days after its use. So do not stop using it in between the course also.

Overdose Of Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

Excessive Gel application on affected area results in piling up only. It takes a few days to show its effect and applying too much of it will not enhance or increase its therapeutic action. Sometimes, it may show the adverse effects if you apply excessively over an affected area.

Visit your doctor if you are experiencing overdose symptoms which are not relieved even though you have stopped using it.

Missed Dose Of Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

A missed dose of the gel should be applied as soon as you remember it. You are not advised to apply more quantity at the same time to make up missed dose as it will not enhance its healing effect but the piling up of the Gel.

Side Effects Of Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

  • Burning of skin
  • Erythema
  • Pruritis
  • Itching/Irritation
  • Redness of the skin
  • Dryness

Drugs Interact With Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

Using other topical products, herbal supplements, over the counter drugs, or any other medicinal substances may alter the effects of Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 gm.  These interactions may either cause an allergic reaction to occur or may nullify the effect of your medications.

Skin cosmetics or any other topical herbal products may react with the Gel if applied simultaneously without the knowledge of your doctor. Hence, always consult your doctor before using a new medication.


Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 gm should not be used in:

  • Hypersensitive conditions
  • Any inflammation or other allergic condition of the Skin
  • Deep cuts, open wounds, or other severe bruises and injuries
  • Pregnant/ Breastfeeding women until it is necessary to use this gel

Warning And Precautions:

If you are facing a persisted irritation, redness or any allergic symptom after using this Gel then stop using it and consult your doctor.

You should avoid the gel in being direct contact with your eyes, mouth, nose or other sensitive areas. If accidentally it happens, then wash your eyes or other parts thoroughly with water or contact your doctor in case of emergency.

Always keep the Gel at a safe place which is out of the reach and sight of the children.

Things To Remember:

  • Read the insert of the tube thoroughly.
  • Always inform your doctor about your all allergies and infections and follow the instructions as directed by the doctor.


It is used for Psoriasis and acne but cannot be used without a doctor’s prescription. You must use it carefully and should not stop using it until your doctor says to do so.  

How To Store Tazret Gel 0.05% w/w 15 Gm (Tazarotene):

Keep the tube in a dry, dark and clean place away from direct heat and sunlight. Avoid freezing the tube and make sure that the tube is not leaking or damaged.

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