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It is used for the treatment of HIV Infection. Get it now Lamivir S 150 Mg/60 Mg Tablet from our low priced online pharmacy in USA with fast delivery.
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USA Brand Name




Generic Name

 Lamivudine + Stavudine


 Cipla, India


Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine)

What Is The Generic Name For Lamivir S:

Stavudine and Lamivudine is the generic version for Lamivir S

Which USA Brand is Equivalent To Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine):

  • Epivir

About Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine)

Lamivir S (150+60) mg contains the active ingredients, Lamivudine and Zidovudine, which is used in the treatment of HIV Infection. Lamivir S (150+60) mg is prescription drug and is available at all the leading online pharmacy stores, drugstores, and medical supply stores.


Cipla (India) is one of the top leading pharmaceutical companies which manufacture Lamivir S (150+60) mg.


Lamivir S (150+60) mg contains Lamivudine weighing 150 mg and stavudine weighing 60 mg per tablet and can be found at any of the leading online pharmacy stores, drugstores, and medical supply stores.

What Are The Uses Of The Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine):

Lamivir S (150+60) mg is used in the treatment of:

  • HIV Infection

How Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine) Works:

Lamivir S (150+60) mg is an antiviral medicine which has Stavudine and Lamivudine which work by preventing HIV (virus) from replicating and multiplying, hence reducing the amount of virus in your body by inhibiting the action of viral specified enzyme reverse transcriptase.

These also prevent the integration of viral DNA in the CD4 cell (whit e blood cells that protect against infection) and prevent the spread of the infection.

Before You Use Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine):

Make sure that:

  • You are not allergic
  • You do not have liver or kidney problems
  • You are not Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Your doctor knows about your medical history like all pre-existing diseases, surgeries, medication, allergies, etc.

What Should You Avoid While Taking Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine):

  • Avoid driving while taking this tablet
  • You should avoid taking alcohol
  • Other Medicines without prescriptions

When Not To Use Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine):

You should not take Lamivir S (150+60) mg if you:

  • Have ever noticed hypersensitivity or any allergy
  • Are having symptoms like skin rashes, blistering, and swelling of the face, shortness of breath, muscle or joint pain or general feelings of illness
  • Have renal impairment and Diabetes
  • Have Severe Eye Inflammation
  • Have bone disorders, unbalanced fat distribution, and pancreatitis
  • Have other Hepatic Disease or Disorder
  • Are Pregnant/ Conceiving/ Breastfeeding

Tell Your Doctor If You:  

  • Have Allergy to the tablet
  • Have any other Liver Problems like Hepatitis B Infection
  • Have any Heart Problem as it lowers the Blood Pressure
  • Have Eye Inflammation
  • Have Diabetes, Bone problems, pancreatic problems, redistribution of fats
  • Have any Kidney or Liver Disease
  • Are taking Alcohol or Other Drugs
  • Are Pregnant or Trying to Conceive/ Breastfeeding


Lamivir S (150+60) mg contains, Stavudine and Lamivudine, which is used in the treatment of HIV Infection.  You must discuss with your doctor about the dosage and frequency of the doses because age and severity of the disease differ from patient to patient.

Patients are advised to take Lamivir S (150+60) mg at a fixed time as instructed by your Doctor. You may take it with or without food. It is not recommended for pediatric population, or Pregnant/ Breastfeeding woman.

How Much Of The Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine) to Be Used:

Patients are always advised to follow their doctor’s prescriptions and instructions to take Lamivir S (150+60) mg.

How To Take The Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine):

Lamivir S (150+60) mg dose should be taken at a fixed time empty stomach. Swallow the tablet with water without breaking or crushing or chewing it. Try to take it 1 hr before food or 2 hrs after food

For How Long Should You Continue Using Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine):

Patients are always advised to take Lamivir S (150+60) mg as prescribed by your doctor. You must not start/stop taking the tablet yourself in any conditions. You are not advised to take Lamivir S tablet in large amount or for a longer time than recommended. Always complete the course of medicines for effective results.


Contact your doctor or reach nearby medical emergency center immediately if you are suspecting the overdose symptoms like flu like symptoms, skin rashes, allergic reactions, peripheral neuropathy, Insomnia, etc.

Do not share your tablets with anyone around you even if they are having similar symptoms. Always advise them to visit the doctor for effective treatment.  

Also do not share your needles or other things which are infected with your blood.   

Missed Dose:

Always try to take every dose of Lamivir S (150+60) mg on scheduled timings and regularly. A missed dose may increase the risk of treatment failure so it should be taken as soon as you remember. Skip the dose if it is the time for the next dose and do not double it at the time of next dose to make up the missed one.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Lamivir S (150+60) Mg (Stavudine and Lamivudine):

  • Runny nose
  • Rash
  • Hair loss
  • Fever
  • Insomnia
  • Lactic acidosis
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness
  • Liver toxicity
  • Myalgias and arthralgias
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Cough
  • Dizziness or tiredness
  • Pancreatitis
  • Neuropathy

What Are The Common Drug Interactions:

Lamivir S (150+60) mg may interact with many other medicines if taken simultaneously and can produce some adverse effects or cause your medicines not to work properly. You always need to share the medical information with your doctor if you are on other medication or Vitamins/ Food/ Herbal Supplements. It interacts with the following medicines:

  • Antiretrovirals like Efavirenz, Indinavir, etc.
  • Anticancer drugs like Doxorubicin and Ribavirin
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Antifungal agents
  • Methadone
  • Rifampin
  • Antibiotics like Trimethoprim or Sulfamethoxazole

Warning And Precaution:

Lamivir S (150+60) mg should be used cautiously in conditions like:

  • Hypersensitivity
  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding women
  • Kidney (Renal Failure) and heart Diseases
  • Liver disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Other virus Infections like HBV or HCV

Things To Remember:

  • Keep the tablets out of reach and sight of the children
  • Do monitor Liver and Renal Function Test on regular basis whenever required while taking this medicine.
  • You must do exercise on routine basis and must take calcium and vitamin D supplements as this medicine may weaken you bones.  
  • Read the information written on the leaflet of medicine carefully and do not use expired products.
  • Consult your doctor if you have any doubt related to the dose, duration and the strength of the Lamivir S tablet.


Lamivir S (150+60) mg should be taken as prescribed by your doctor for HIV infection. Do not stop taking this tablet before completion of the course or until your doctor suggests you to do so.


Store the Lamivir S tablets at cool temperature in dark and dry place. Make sure that the tablets should be intact and not damaged while purchasing.

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