Valcivir 500 Mg

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Valcivir 1000 Mg

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US Brand Name Valtrex
Strength 500mg
Generic Name Valacylovir 
Manufacture Cipla, India

About the brand
Valcivir 500 is brand of Valacyclovir manufactured by the known pharmaceutical brand Cipla in India

About the drug
Valacyclovir is an antiviral agent which is used for the treatment of viral infections caused by viruses like herpes zoster, herpes simplex etc. It is a drug of choice against viral infections and helps to build body immunity against these viral activities. Valacyclovir is actually a prodrug which is converted into acyclovir in the victim’s body making it the main functioning salt.

Manufacturer of Valcivir 500
Valcivir 500 is manufactured by Cipla in India which is multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnological company with its headquarters in Mumbai. Cipla is the largest manufacturer of antiretroviral drugs. You can buy this product at

Valcivir 500 is available in Strength of 500 mg of Valacyclovir.

US Brands equal to Valcivir 500
US brand equal to Valcivir 500 is Valtrex manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.
Uses of Valacyclovir the salt in Valcivir 500
It is used mainly for viral infections such as,
• Herpes Simplex Infections: It is an infection caused by the sexual intercourse with the infected adult. It’s mainly in 2 types, oral herpes and genital herpes. During infection small blisters are formed over the specific region, leading to pain and tingling sensations around the region.
• Herpes zoster
• Cytomegalo viral infections
• Chicken pox infection (Varicella zoster)
• Cold sores

How Valcivir 500 works in the body?
Valcivir 500 contains Valacyclovir which is a pro-drug of acyclovir salt. The salt acts in the body, blocking the DNA formation and curbing the further virus growth. Valcivir 500 is an effective drug for use in infections as stated above.

How to take Valcivir 500?
Valcivir 500 shall be taken with or without food. The dose shall be adjusted according to your doctor’s consultation.

The dose of the drug Valcivir 500 depends upon the infections. For example, for cold sores, the dosage mainly is around 2000 mg every 12 hours in 1 day. For infections such as herpes zoster, the treatment dose is around 1 gm three times a day for a week. One must definitely further consult their personal doctor, for the dosage and treatment.

How long should Valcivir 500 to be continued?
Valcivir 500 is drug with some serious complications; however, it should be continued only after doctor consultation. Your doctor will advise you, when to take and when not to take the drug to avoid serious effects of it on the body.

Dose of Valcivir 500 missed?
Take medicine as soon as you remember you have missed the dose. Consult your doctor, if you have been missing the dose often.

Drug interaction of Valacyclovir
Proven drug interactions have been reported with the use of medicine Valacyclovir. These include Probenecid, Cimetidine etc.

When not to take Valcivir 500
Consult your doctor if you develop some serious complications with the use of drug. If you have allergic reactions to the drug, consult your doctor immediately.

Side Effects or Adverse Effects of Valcivir 500
Side effects to Valclvlr 500 vary from person to person and depending on the dosage intake. The serious side effects include bleeding, easy bruising, and red spots on skin, weakness, fainting, and paleness of the skin. It is recommended to consult your doctor if side effects prevail for long.

Overdose Side effects of Valacyclovir or Valcivir 500
Overdosing the medicine isn’t recommended at all! It can lead to serious effects like Fever, Pale skin, Colored urine and red spots on skin.

General information about Valcivir 500
If you have been on medicines other than valcivir, consult your doctor immediately. Avoid taking overdose if you have missed the dose.

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