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What Are The Possible Premature Ejaculation Symptoms You Need To Know

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Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a sexual condition in men or Assigned Males at Birth (AMAB). 

A person with PE ejaculates within 60 – 90 seconds of sexual intercourse.

Premature Ejaculation is a very common condition. It affects one-third of men in the age group of 18-59. 

It can cause sexual distress in a relationship.

It is important to look out for Premature Ejaculation symptoms to get an effective treatment on time.

Let us proceed with the article and understand the symptoms of PE, what causes it, and how you can manage it.

What are Premature Ejaculation symptoms

Early ejaculation is itself a symptom of Premature Ejaculation

But it is completely normal to ejaculate instantly sometimes. 

However, if you are experiencing frequent rapid ejaculations, you should consider looking out for the symptoms of PE. 

According to a study, a person with PE may experience the following symptoms.

  • Ejaculating within 60 seconds of penetration or even before the penetration
  • Facing difficulty controlling the ejaculation time, despite wanting to prolong sexual intercourse
  • Feeling distressed, anxious, and having a low sex drive due to early ejaculation. You may even feel the sexual stress in your relationship due to PE 

A 2018 study mentioned females experienced sexual stress and Anxiety when their male partners were ejaculating way too early.

Treatment options for PE can help with ejaculation time and sexual stress. 

It would be best to consult a doctor regarding your sexual health. They may prescribe Premature Ejaculation medicines such as Dapoxetine for treating PE.

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  • Factors responsible for Premature Ejaculation

    It is essential to look out for the possible causes of Premature Ejaculation.

    Diagnosing the causes can help in the effective treatment of PE. 

    The doctor may prescribe an effective treatment option based on the causes and symptoms of PE.

    The following factors might be responsible for Premature Ejaculation.

    Psychological factors

    A depressed man sitting down on the floor Source: Urbazon_from_Getty_Images
    Depression – Psychological factors

    The psychological factors responsible for PE are-

    • Depression
    • Stress
    • Guilt
    • Unrealistic expectations about sexual performance
    • History of sexual repression
    • Lack of confidence
    • Relationship problems

    Medical factors

    The medical factors responsible for PE are-

    It would be best to visit a doctor for a diagnosis of the cause whenever you experience PE symptoms.

    How to manage Premature Ejaculation

    Yes, Premature Ejaculation is a treatable health condition. However, it is essential to know that it is not curable.

    There are several treatment options available for Premature Ejaculation. Medicines and therapies may help treat PE.

    Antidepressants are commonly used treatments for PE. Antidepressants cause Delayed Ejaculation as a side effect, which is why they are used to treat PE.

    The treatment of Premature Ejaculation depends on an individual’s health.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, the following treatments may help treat PE effectively.

    Treatment OptionOverviews
    Medicines Oral medicines such as antidepressants, PDE-5 inhibitors, and Pain relievers may help treat PE. A doctor may prescribe Dapoxetine for the effective treatment of PE. 
    Apart from oral medicines, topical numbing agents such as Benzocaine and Lidocaine might help delay ejaculation.
    Behavioral TechniquesBehavioral techniques such as the start-stop strategy, pause-squeeze technique, and distracted thinking might help manage PE symptoms.
    TherapyTaking therapy/counseling may also help in managing PE. It can help deal with the psychological causes of PE. 
    Combining therapy and medication might treat PE effectively.
    ExercisesExercise can also help with Premature Ejaculation. Kegel exercises can help in improving ejaculation time. Kegel exercises can help in improving the strength of pelvic muscles. 
    Delaying ejaculation may be more difficult with weak pelvic muscles. Practicing kegel exercises can help increase the strength of the muscles.

    Besides the treatment option mentioned above, supplements and food may also help delay ejaculation.

    Are you thinking about improving your ejaculation time with the help of dietary changes? Read Are There Any Foods to Cure Premature Ejaculation? Everything In Detail.

    It would be best to consult a doctor for an effective and safe treatment option for Premature Ejaculation. They may prescribe Dapoxetine for treating your PE.

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  • When to seek a doctor

    Many individuals might get nervous or embarrassed while talking about Premature Ejaculation.

    It is important to know that PE is not a rare Sexual Dysfunction. It affects young and older men or AMAB.

    If you experience early ejaculation occasionally and it does not affect your relationship, then you do not need to visit a doctor.

    However, if you are experiencing the symptoms of PE frequently, you should consider seeking medical advice.

    You may also consult a doctor online if you feel embarrassed about PE.

    Do not ignore the symptoms of Premature Ejaculation. Consult a doctor immediately if you are experiencing these symptoms.

    Key Notes

    Premature Ejaculation is a Sexual Dysfunction in men or AMAB. 

    The symptoms of PE are ejaculating very early, being unable to have intercourse for more than 60 seconds, and sexual distress. 

    It can be caused due Depression, stress, high BP, and low Testosterone levels.

    Doctors may prescribe medicines such as Sertraline, Dapoxetine, Tramadol, and Viagra to manage PE.

    Dapoxetine is an SSRI designed to treat PE. As per some studies, it is effective in treating PE.

    You may also manage PE with the help of supplements, behavioral techniques, food, and exercises.

    It would be best to contact a doctor if you experience Premature Ejaculation symptoms frequently. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can my high BP cause Premature Ejaculation?

    Yes, high BP may cause PE. Apart from high BP, Depression and Anxiety may also cause PE. Visit your doctor if you are experiencing early ejaculation due to high BP.

    What are some Premature Ejaculation symptoms?

    Inability to delay ejaculation, lack of control, emotional distress, and negative impact on sexual satisfaction are symptoms of Premature Ejaculation.

    Can you take Viagra to treat PE?

    Yes, Viagra is often prescribed off-label to treat PE. However, you must consult a doctor before taking Viagra or any other medicine for PE.

    Is it normal to last 3 minutes in bed?

    Yes, it is normal to last 3 minutes in bed. On average, a person lasts for 3-7 minutes in bed.

    Is Premature Ejaculation a serious health condition?

    No, PE is not a serious condition. But it may affect sexual satisfaction, relationships, and self-esteem.

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